Black - The Hottest Color in Garden Design

At a current San Clemente, California project for a local artist, we wanted to create a garden with a modern industrial feel. At Living Gardens Landscape Design, we are currently crushing on painted black wood, and will be using it for some of the main elements in this design.

We will be designing a new fence and gate to enclose the front yard inspired by this one:

black fence 3.jpg

Natural concrete paving and pea gravel are affordable, contemporary surfaces:


The existing garage was converted by the owner to an Artist's studio. We will be adding black barn doors - stacking to reduce loss of light when they are open. The Kuba Charcoal Indoor Outdoor Rug from Shop Living Gardens grounds the seating spaces.

A trellis for vines constructed from rebar and galvanized poles will add to the industrial feel and create shade.

String lights will add subtle lighting above the seating areas. Be sure to purchase them with the 'dimmable' option to create soft mood lighting.



A natural concrete firepit is a destination for conversation and warmth on cooler evenings. This firepit has a propane tank cover, so no gas line required here.


Planting is a simple selection of greens with a hint of color for a modern feel. Greens always looks good against a black background.


Photos to come as the job is installed :)