Phoenix Blossom Fire Pit - Rusting Finish

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Phoenix Blossom Fire Pit - Rusting Finish


Phoenix Blossom is our oriental fire pit, unique fire sculpture, a play between Oriental stories and materiality inspired by Nordic shapes. Customer feedback was very important to help us to improve this product and bring it to its version today. The end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and practical.

Oriental fire pit is made of high quality rusting (carbon) or stainless steel.
Fire pit, made from solid rusting (carbon) steel, arrives looking very shiny, almost chrome-like. It would rust once exposed to water. Usually this natural process takes couple weeks and will develop a nice patina over time.

This product is very durable and will last long years. Its features will complement many outdoor decors, both in winter and summer.

No assembly required, item arrives as one piece. Bottom is removable for cleaning.

Stainless steel OR rusting steel

Height 22-Inch
Length 26-Inch
Width 22-Inch
0.08-Inch thick rust or stainless steel
Weight 27 lbs

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